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Though the Acheron River is generally calm and suitable for all skill levels, the trained staff at Acheron Kayak conducts short training sessions on land to familiarize participants with the equipment, how to position themselves in the kayak and how to row the vessel correctly. Life jackets are handed out and we all enter the water in our kayaks. Next, trainers teach participants how to maneuver their kayaks in all directions. This takes place at our base next to the river, where the water is calm and resembles a lake, offering ideal conditions for a few practice runs.

Once everyone feels comfortable, our excursion begins. The head guide leads the way and it is important that everyone is able to control their own kayak. We travel downriver at starting speed of 4 kilometres per hour. As we near the sea, the speed gradually decreases. Our journey takes us through some of the most breathtaking scenery throughout the country. Feel free to bring a camera along and snap shots as you navigate your kayak through aquamarine waters and encounter a variety and plants and animals. We provide a waterproof bag where you can store your camera safely throughout the duration of the journey.

Reaching the village Ammoudia marks the end of our kayaking trip, but gives you the opportunity for a refreshing swim in the Ionian Sea before our transportation arrives to take us back to the base.

What to bring:

  • T-shirt
  • Swimming suit
  • Hat
  • Water