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The name “Acheron” comes from the combination of ancient Greek words translated as “a strong flow of sorrow”. The name makes sense when one remember that this river was believed to be crossed on a daily basis by Charon or “Death” in order to transport souls from the world of the living to the dead. According to mythology, the deceased were required to pay Charon two coins to ferry them to the gates of Hades.

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In contrast with its ancient image, today the Acheron River is a source of life rather than death. It is home to hundreds of plant and animal species and is abundant with life throughout the entire year. Its sources are located in the village of Glyki just over the border of the prefecture of Ioannina. From there it cuts its way through 64 kilometers of mountain ranges, valleys and forest, creating a utopian oasis along the way before emptying into the Ionian Sea at the settlement of Ammoudia.







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