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The Acheron River and delta are part of the Natura 2000 initiative and act as an invaluable ecosystem which is home to over hundreds of plant and animal species. Much of the fauna found within the area are endangered such as the Dalmatian Stork (Pelcecanus crispus) and the Loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta), which has been spotted throughout the beaches where the river meets the sea. There are even some endemic species that are rarely found anywhere else, such as the Govios fish. Other wildlife that may be spotted along your journey of the river include beavers, otters, jackals, wolves, frogs, turtles and a variety of fish such as trout and eels. The river also constitutes a vital habitat for numerous species of birds including the Levant sparrowhawk, Golden eagles, Short-toed eagles, and Bonelli’s eagles as well as a variety of terns, buzzards, gulls and griffons.



The wider Acheron area is also home to an impressive array of flora which attracts a large number of insects and amphibians to its shores. Several varieties of willow, ash, elm and oak trees encompass the river while reeds and beautiful lilies can be seen floating within the river itself. Springtime is particularly spectacular, as the landscape becomes a palette of stunning colours thanks to the myriad flowers that grow along the riverbank and beyond. 





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